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Monday, August 27, 2012

Reproducing 50 Years of Surfing.

Doug Fletcher got a Velzy "pop-out" as a 13th birthday present, August 13, 1962.
Time flies right. Doug realized that this year would be his 50th anniversary of surfing and decided to re-make his first board.
First thing was to find someone to reproduce that shape, who better then Marc Andreini?
These boards all had the same fin and were solid colors to hide any flaws in the production process, they were sold in department and sporting goods stores for around $70. 
The fin was remade with redwood and pine and fitted to perfection. 
Check that thing out! Incredible work. 

Once it was all finished Doug took the board down to Newport Beach on August 12th of this year... 50 years to the day it had all started for him. He shared some great times with old friends and his son.

13 again!!!

Happy 50th Doug!

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