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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sacred Craft Show was incredible! Where do I start? Well, we all know that this show was in honor of Doug Haut and that he is celebrating his 50th anniversary shaping surfboards. But, on top of that, the city of Santa Cruz officially made March 19th Doug Haut Day!

Then there was the shape off; Steve Coletta, Bob Pearson, Mark Angel, Wayne Rich and Ward Coffey battled it out trying to replicate the Haut Bump. These are some of the best shapers on the planet and in the end it was Ward Coffey taking the trophy. We are very proud of Ward and honored to work on his boards.

Speaking of proud, we are also very proud Nick Palandrani for winning best in show with boards we built for him.

Thanks so to everyone who came to see at our booth. All the positive response to our work really makes it all worth while!

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